Does your county in East Texas require a regular maintenance contract for the upkeep of your septic system? Many do! If your property has an aerobic septic system anywhere outside Henderson County or Smith County, Texas, you may be required by law to have a maintenance contract established with a reputable septic provider – so choose D3 Septic! Whether your county requires a maintenance contract or not, we advise that you carry one with a reputable, reliable, licensed maintenance provider. Our maintenance contract for septic systems are $225-$230 depending on your East Texas county.

Standard Maintenance Contract

$235 / year

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Premium Maintenance Contract

$45 / month

The fact is that an aerobic septic system cannot simply be installed and forgotten about as the years go by. Instead, you need to be sure that your system is regularly maintained for it to operate at its proper efficiency and to ensure you never suffer from a septic system failure. Replacing your septic system in East Texas can be an expensive process, and an unnecessary headache you could have prevented with a regular maintenance contract.

"D3Septic did a great job for us. The project was completed on time and a very thorough job was done. Also, all personnel was very good to work with. Would highly recommend."

- Jim Reed